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Robert Kotick surveys what remains of Mike Morhaime's office along with J. Allen Brack. Kotick: "Secure this office. Prepare to remove everything with the word 'Blizzard' on it." Kotick glances down to the side to see Morhaime packing up his commemorative 20 year Blizzard Helm service reward. A Wall-mounted TV with Blizzard gaming footage plays behind his desk. Mike coughs and wipes his nose. Morhaime: "Why push us out... you've already won. The only good people still at Blizzard are artists... musicians... junior developers." Kotick smirks, ever so slightly. Kotick: "This is business." Morhaime: "No. This... is cost cutting. Brand sabotage. Bobby... you were once a visionary. You dropped out of college to pursue your dreams. Do you not remember?" Kotick kneels down and whispers into Mike's ear. Kotick: "I remember... a fool." \*Visions of failed software development for the Apple II pass by, failure to acquire Commadore 64 - Irvin Gold laughing in his face. Only when he partnered with Brian Kelly and killed his passions to create, joining Activision to forever buy others creations as a third party vender did he ever become successful\* Kotick: "Passion always burns out. Creativity fails. Only the shareholders matter. Now, in the last moments of your career... you understand." \*A single tear runs down Mike's cheek\* Kotick: "Oh, don't grieve... you'll soon have your severance, cushy board position and get to enjoy retirement with your loved ones." Morhiame: "I grieve for you. You've sold out completely. You've forgotten what makes gaming companies valuable. You've made the gamers your enemy. And that is a war you'll never win. You can push us out, but you cannot kill creativity itself." \*Kotick loses his smirk. Glances over to a TV with Heroes of the Storm gameplay footage going on. Glares back at Morhaime. He tilts Mike's face toward the monitor.\* Kotick: "Can't I?" \*Mike glances over J. Allen Brack\* Kotick: "Burn it." \*Brack looks confused\* Kotick: "BURN IT!" \*The of the Heroes of the Storm gameplay shuts off dramatically, replaced by an image of China and Mobile Gaming Market Share Forecasts. The Diablo Immortal Banner fades into view. Mike Morhaime cries as hope fades from his eyes and Kotick smirks, the burning red image of the China Mobile Market reflecting in his eyes.\* (( If your confused, watch this video []( This post, unfortunately, got removed from the [r/WoW]( subreddit (Despite getting a Gold).)) EDIT: Thanks for the Golds! EDIT 2: Confirmed by a mod - Post was deleted in the r/wow reddit by a single mod for the sole reason being they didn't like it. [\_morhaimes\_last\_day\_at\_blizzard/ec4erce/?context=3](