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So a company in a city about four hours (one way without traffic) away wants me to come and interview onsite. Eight hours in a car might not seem like a lot, but with the interview it makes for a very long day. So I asked them if they would be willing to pay for a hotel which they responded no. I also asked them if they would consider moving the date as with another date I might be able to get a cheaper room. But they didn't like that idea either as it would push the interview back by more than a week because the majority of their people are out of town the week of the fourth ( I did initially agree to this date, but that's when I assumed they would cover expenses). The recruiter mentioned to me that she had people with children who had driven 6 or 7 hours one way just for the opportunity to interview...etc and the company was very interested in me. However, I'm honestly very fed up with them and their inflexibility and unwillingness to move anything. I realize that it is only four hours away, but I would think that they would try to find someway to accommodate me either by moving the date or by paying for the hotel.